Pin Ups and Link Love: My Favourite Things This Week

My Favourite Articles and Links This Week

How to keep your brain young while you age.

This is a breathtaking reason to encourage seed and crop diversity. That is the most beautiful corn I’ve ever seen!

Tips on ditching regret, and getting over the past.

Yesterday was Poem in Your Pocket Day, a collaborative effort between two major  poetry organizations in the US and Canada. I have a poem in it! There is a free, downloadable pdf and all the poems are suitable for school-aged children, as well. If you are less jazzed about a free collection of poetry but interested in my poem, you can skip to it right here.

As a parent of young kids, I was very interested in reading this post on teaching kids about consent, and the comments were also illuminating on how we all have those struggles (do we insist the kids to hug family members?).

My Favourite Pins This Week

This utterly charming doughnut cake reminds me a bit of The Simpsons, but in the best possible way! Even if you are a bit challenge din the cake decorating department, I’m confident that this could be easily pulled off. I wonder if I could convince Lila that it would be suitable for Guy when his birthday rolls around in June? Hmm. Pinterest link is here, and the original recipe/guide is here.

These skillet meatballs in marinara sauce are a side-salad away from being a complete meal! While I admire that the recipe instructs you to make the meatballs yourself –and the recipe for that looks really easy– I’m more of a buy-a-bag-of-frozen-meatballs sort of person. Either way, you too could have this super delicious meal on the table pretty quickly, and trust me on that salad idea. Pinterest link is here, and the full recipe is here. P.S- have I told you guys I’m addicted to fresh marjoram? I think it’s the most underrated herb ever. It’s in the photo above as a garnish, but I put it in everything.

I am utterly swooning over this gorgeous sweater! I love the simple shaping but the dramatic single cable across the body. So amazing! Plus it’s a bulky weight design, so it will knit up quickly. It’s originally made in a cotton merino blend yarn (so very suitable for those in cool climates over the summer- I’m looking at you, west coast and UK!), and I am dying to knit this! Must. Finish. Other. Sweaters. First. (the struggle is real). Pinterest link is here, and the pattern can be found here.

I love this modern crochet deer afghan! The graphic qualities and bright palette make this a surprisingly modern looking crochet blanket. Pinterest link is here, and the original (free!) pattern and tutorial are here.

I love this tray makeover, which is so easy you can totally pull it off even if you can’t paint a straight line! And if you don’t have any trays at home that could use a makeover, I bet there are plenty in a local thrift or goodwill shop. Pinterest link is here, and the full DIY tutorial is here.


  1. Lisa   •  

    Once again you have such fun pins to share – I especially love the the meatballs and the deer blanket. Thanks Julia 🙂

  2. Beth   •  

    Great post! And the sweater!!! (swoon). Thanks for sharing and I hope you’ll pay me a visit at my blog!

  3. Barbara   •  

    My favourite underrated herb is chervil. It’s pretty, and the flavour goes well with almost everything. It’s somewhere in between parsley and marjoram, but a bit milder than both. It’s even nice dried!

    Also, we had a book-fair at my kids’ school this week. Some of the older kids were asking for books of poetry, because they were studying it in class, and wanted some to read at home! I never read poetry when I was younger, and feel like I missed out. We read lots to our kids now, and hopefully they will continue to enjoy it as they get older.

  4. DWJ   •  

    I looooooooooove that sweater. My only hesitation is that the Woolfolk yarn it uses is gorgeous but costs a ton to do an entire sweater. I may save my birthday cash and splurge on it in August.

  5. Stefanie   •  

    Great poem, Julie. That sweater is really cool but it bugs me how some designers don’t note its construction. I try to look at ppl’s projects to see but some knitters only post picture perfect photos and not the WIP.

  6. Val   •  

    Loved your poem.
    That sweater is such a genius design, I want my own – same colour even! To the queue!

  7. Kris   •  

    I adore that sweater, too! And Woolfolk is just the most beautiful yarn!

    Julie, maybe this is just me being dumb, and is there a way to archive all the recipes you post? I enjoy cooking many of them and sometimes just can’t find them by using the search function?

    Tks so much – enjoy your blog and links so much.

  8. Danielle   •  

    Beautiful poem! 🙂

  9. miss agnes   •  

    Oh yeah, this sweater is gorgeous ! And I loved your poem, thank you for sharing this free file.
    Great links, especially the one on children consent. This is so important. As a mother who experienced sexual assault as a teenager and young adult, I was paranoid at the idea of anyone molesting my children, and I taught them how precious and sacred their bodies were from a very young age. I was taught very early not to step into any car or accept candies from strangers, but I wish my parents had explained why. As a parent, you should never be shy to talk about it.

  10. Jessica Lane   •  

    What a beautiful poem Julie! I was just looking yesterday for elementary appropriate poems and we were a couple about spring. I was really excited to see the free collection as well so thank you for that! Both my girls love poetry!

  11. Bronchitikat   •  

    Looks like I’m going to have to take up an instrument, learn another language (Mandarin Chinese as it’s spoken by the most people worldwide?) and get out there and do something. Hmmm, high time I dug out my bicycle.

    The Glass Gem Corn is beautiful. But we need to maintain biodiversity in all things. If we grow only clones what happens when disease comes? Mass extinction? Mass starvation in the case of food plants?

    & that ‘teaching kids about consent’ – brill. Thanks. Will try to remember it should our two ever give us grandchildren!

  12. Alina   •  

    The sweater is so so gorgeous!

  13. Tien   •  

    What a wonderful poem Julie! My son and I have been reading more poems together and this collection will be a fun addition. We have also been creating doodles in our journals that relate to some of the poems. I think that he will enjoy coming up with descriptive drawings for your poem.

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